Funds Availability:

Balances are updated immediately after any transaction posts to the account or after any authorization is given by VISA.


Please call CCU during normal business hours at 1-800-228-7283 or locally at 701-947-5011. If it is after normal CCU business hours, please call VISA/FIS at 1-800-991-4965 or 1-800-369-4887 to report fraud due to a stolen card. If you report directly to VISA/FIS, remember to contact CCU on the next business day as we need to block the card on our side and issue a new replacement card.


If you need access to your PIN, please call CCU and we will order a duplicate for you. For security purposes, we do not have access to this information. It will take a week to 10 days for receipt of the duplicate PIN. If you wish to change your PIN, you must know your current PIN and can then call 1-866-297-3408 to change it.


If an unrecognizable charge appears on your account or you suspect fraud on your card, please contact CCU at 1-800-228-7283 or locally at 701-947-5011 during regular business hours or if it is after CCU normal business hours, please call the Card Service Center at 1-800-369-4887. If fraud is determined by the Card Service Center, please contact CCU during regular business hours so that we can block your card on our side and process a new replacement card for you. You may receive a call from the Card Service Center if VISA suspects fraud on your account or if activity seems suspicious.

My card won’t work:


  1. Are you entering the CVV# from the back of the card or the expiration date correctly.
  2. Check your voice mail or answering machine for a message from the Card Service Center (800-369-4887) as there may be a block on your card for suspicious activity and you need to verify if valid or not.
  3. Sometimes connections fail, wait a little bit and try again.
  4. During normal business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, CCU can check the VISA site to determine what problem exists, if any. After business hours – we apologize for any inconvenience – but you will need to wait until CCU opens for business on the next normal business day.
  5. Debit cards have a Bin block on them and cannot be used with merchants outside of the USA. This can be lifted temporarily but you will need to wait until you can contact the CCU during normal business hours.
  6. If your card appears to be worn out, cracked or bent, contact CCU during normal business hours and we can order a duplicate card that you would receive in 10-14 days.


Sometimes a card will be blocked due to use in a city, state or country different than where you reside. If you plan to travel, contact CCU prior to your departure so that a travel memo can be placed on your card. We will need to know your dates of travel and your destinations.