George Washington Carver, the famous scientist and inventor best known for the many uses he discovered for the peanut, once said “It is service that measures success”.  His life was focused on unselfish thinking, trying to help others.

Phil Love, President/CEO of Pactola (Commercial & Agricultural Lending) stated the following in his CUAD(Credit Union Association of the Dakotas) memo:

Those are great words to live by.  We work in an industry that is not driven by profits, but by the people we help.  It is not focused on the accumulation of cash, but the advancement of our communities.  We are not striving after massive fame, but by memorable friends and families.  Every day, in our credit union and in our lives, we have the ability to make a difference with our service.  The challenge is to rise above our selfish limitations and to serve others.  That is what will make us great.